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"Every bird loves to hear himself sing."

"Jeder Vogel singt, wie er kann..."

"Les hommes sont comme les oiseaux, il faut qu'ils chantent!"

"¡No hay bosque más semejante a un desierto que aquel donde no cantan los pájaros!"


We sing in over 30 languages


Professional translation services with a network of over 300 internal certified translators immediate available covering to date 30 languages and over 150 language combinations.Talks Hub .net provides translations into and from all major languages, plus a lot of other less used European, Asian and Middle Eastern languages, delivered by a global network of industry professionals, including technical translators, linguists, terminologists, software localization engineers and multilingual desktop publishing experts .

Proud to be multi-kulti, we deliver a wide range of services. From translation to interpreting, transcribing, to software, websites and games localisation, integrating both specialised and common (local) use language for every taget language in our offer. Please check our detailed services descriptions bellow.


Language and Culture. We provide more than language services, we take care of the local cultural customs and habits for every service we deliver, always providing our linguistic services with a more holistic, integrated cultural approach.


    Marketing & Hospitality
    Justice & Law
    Legal Documents & Certificates
    Books & Poetry
    Software & IT

30 Languages - 150 Language combinations

albanian - Përkthime (AL) / arabic - ترجمات (AR) / bosnian - Prijevodi (BS) / belarusian - Пераклады (BY) / bulgarian - Преводи (BG) /croatian - Prijevodi (HR) / czech - Překlady (CZ) / danish - Oversættelser (DK) / dutch- Vertallwerk (NL) / english- Translations (EN) / estonian - Tõlked (EE) / finnish - Käännökset (FI) / french- Traductions (FR) / german- Übersetzungsdienste (DE) / greek - Μεταφράσεις (GR) / italian- Traduzioni (IT) / latvian - Tulkojumi (LV) /lithuanian - Vertimai (LT) / norwegian - Oversettelser (NO) / polish - Tłumaczenia (PL) / portuguese - Traduções (PT) / romanian - Traduceri (RO) / russian - Переводы (RU) / serbian - Преводи (RS) / slovak - Preklady (SK) / slovene - Prevodi (SI) / spanish - Traducciones (SP) /swedish - Översättningar (SE) / turkish - Çeviriler (TR) / ukrainian - Переклади (UA)



I am impressed. I like working with people who can deliver me rapid results, when I am myself caught in a tight deadline. I appreciate your time and efforts to help me out, and will gladly work with you again, if I will need another translation".

by N. Beedle, UK

Right in time, and ... space. Thank you for your services, we are now able to offer our tourism services to more customers, and we like that each website translation took into account SEO key words and cultural aspects of the potential customers in that country. I always thought translation is more than simply using another language, and you are good in doing that.

by A. Smith, Spain

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